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Volume 9, Issue 10,October 2018, Pages 647-658, Page Count - 12


Tatyana Sakulyeva (1)

(1) PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of forwarding Services Management, State University of Management, Moscow, Russia.

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The development of public transport is one of the the issue of the day, as it directly or indirectly affects the efficiency of the country's economy and the implementation of socio -economic functions. The system of urban passenger transport plays an important role in big cities life especially in solving the spectrum of issues related to the problems of providing comfortable, safe, high-quality transport services to all citizens. The article examines the problems and prospects of development of public transport in a megapolis based on the Moscow experience. After the detailed research, there will be provided the recommendations directed to solve transport problems in Moscow. Successful growth and development are impossible without improving the infrastructure and communications of urban passenger transport.
Author Keywords
Public transport transportation infrastructure metro bus tram and trolleybus routes suburban electric trains.

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