International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET)

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Volume 10, Issue 1,January 2019, Pages 1772-1792, Page Count - 21


Mohankumari C (1) Vishukumar M (2) Nagaraja Rao Chillale (3)

(1) Department of Statistics, REVA University, India.
(2) Department of Mathematics, REVA University, India.
(3) Department of Statistics, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India.

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Cite this article:Mohankumari C,Vishukumar M,Nagaraja Rao Chillale,  Analysis Of Daily Stock Trend Prediction Using Arima Model, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology(IJMET), 2019, 10(1), PP.1772-1792

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In literature of time series prediction the autoregressive integrated moving average(ARIMA) models have been explained clearly. This paper using the ARIMA model, elaborates the process of building stock trend predictive model. Published data of stock price obtained from National Stock Exchange (NSE) during the period from Jan-2007 to Dec-2011. The results obtained revealed that for short-term prediction the ARIMA model which has a strong prospects and for stock price prediction even it can be positively compete with existing techniques.
Author Keywords
ARIMA Stock rate Short-term prediction Forecast.

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