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Volume 9, Issue 6,November 2018, Pages 115-124, Page Count - 10


Manisha Valera (1) Parth Patel (2) Shruti Chettiar (3)

(1) Department of Computer Engineering, INDUS University, Ahmedabad , India.
(2) Department of Computer Engineering, INDUS University, Ahmedabad , India.
(3) Department of Computer Engineering, INDUS University, Ahmedabad , India.

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Cite this article:Manisha Valera,Parth Patel,Shruti Chettiar ,  An Avant-garde Approach Of Blockchain In Big Data Analytics, International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology(IJCET), 2018, 9(6), PP.115-124


Administration of data and its analysis have been an ineludible part of the world for ages now. With the progression of big data, myriad number of companies that dealt with a large quantum of data gained momentum as major issues regarding management of data had found an optimistic solution. Even the field of analytics got a boost because of the numerous techniques introduced by big data for analysis of enormous quantity of data. Various methodologies introduced by big data for analytics that yield groundbreaking throughputs with high efficiency rates tend to develop complexities which could lead to damage of catastrophic scale. The major causes included security and storage which needed an immediate solution that is reliable and flexible. This gave rise to the concepts of decentralization and distributed system which when combined together engendered a new technology i.e. BlockChain. It is distributed ledger network that helps in making transactions without any centralized entity being needed. BlockChain is a full-proof solution to the problems of big data analytics as it not undergoes operations safely but also takes care of the storage issue. This newly developed technology has been in the light for a while now. BlockChain has found applications in various sectors which include industrial, medical, banking, and educational as well as defense. This paper discusses the concept of big data, its analytics and BlockChain. It elucidates the techniques and technologies involved in big data analytics and blockchain mechanism. It further discusses how Big data has impacted the canonical ways of handling data, the significance of Big data analytics and how the BlockChain Technology could be used similarly to tackle the issues in Big data analytics. The aim of this paper is to encourage further research in incorporating the BlockChain Technology into Big Data Analytics.
Author Keywords
Big data big data analytics Blockchain.
Index Keywords
Inspecting cleaning transforming and modelling big data

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