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Volume 11, Issue 5,May 2020, Pages 7-13, Page Count - 7


Arniwaty (1)

(1) Environmental Science Study Program, Post Graduate Study Program, University of Palangka Raya, Palangka Raya, Indonesia.

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Cite this article:Arniwaty,  Development Of Palangka Raya City Park In Accordance With Environmental Characteristics And Regulations, International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology(IJARET), 2020, 11(5), PP.7-13

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This paper discusses the development of the Palangka Raya city park with new reviews following the characteristics of the area. Some existing studies are sufficient for the development of urban green open spaces, but none have focused on suitable plant species according to the environment and regulations. For this reason, this discussion describes important basics for achieving it. The function of public and private green open spaces has main ecological functions, and additional architectural, social and economic functions. Urban areas with these four main functions can be combined according to the needs, interests and sustainability of the city.
Author Keywords
city park green open space environment regulations.

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