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Volume 9, Issue 3,May – June 2018, Pages 81-83, Page Count - 3


Bhavan Kumar (1)

(1) Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Presidency University, Ittagallpura, India.

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Cite this article:Bhavan Kumar,  Water Quality Studies On Hessarghatta Lake (post Monsoon Study), International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology(IJARET), 2018, 9(3), PP.81-83

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The present study aims at assessment of water quality of Hessarghatta Lake. Sampling was done for three sample stations and data were collected to access the quality of water from the lake for human consumption. The physio-chemical parameters of water samples were collected and analyzed as per standard methods in the laboratory and the obtained values were compared with standard values, which are recommended by bureau of Indian standards (BIS). The study reveals that the water is unsafe for human consumption.
Author Keywords
Water Quality of lake Dissolve Oxygen
Index Keywords
Human consumption Physio-chemical parameter Standard values BIS

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