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Volume 11, Issue 11,November 2020, Pages 781-789, Page Count - 9


Anant Madhav Kulkarni (1) P. Muthumari (2) Nutan Dilip Nemade (3)

(1) Research Scholar, Library and Information Science, Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, India.
(2) Librarian, Alagappa University Model Constituent College Of Arts And Science, Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu, India.
(3) Librarian, Alagappa University, Pune, India.

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Cite this article:Anant Madhav Kulkarni,P. Muthumari,Nutan Dilip Nemade,  Scholarly Communication In India, International Journal of Management(IJM), 2020, 11(11), PP.781-789

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Introduction. Scholarly communication is the means by which the research output of academician and researchers are shared with the worldwide community of scholars. The different channels and forms of Scholarly communications are evolving among this is the open access publications trend which is reviewed in the context of India.

Method. This paper will review the open access publication output of Scholarly communication of India from the contributors.

Analysis. Data relating to the various forms of open access publications is gathered and processed and its analysis is done to represent the trend in Scholarly communication in India.

Results. The result highlights the availability of open access Scholarly publications in India and overviews the development taken place in it during the last two decades.

Conclusion. In India the institutions of national importance are well aware about the need and importance of Scholarly communication and have taken initiative in that direction and there is ample of scope. Open access can provide the effective means of sharing scholarly communication among researchers.

Author Keywords
Scholarly communication Open access Scholarly journal OSS Consortia

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Publication Language: English DOI: 10.34218/IJM.11.11.2020.073
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