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Volume 11, Issue 10,October 2020, Pages 1086-1096, Page Count - 0


Gunawati Pegu (1)

(1) Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Sikkim University, Sikkim, India.

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Purpose of the study: This study focuses on COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on Indian economy due to lockdown. It also focuses on the major sectors affected by COVID-19.

       Methodology: A comprehensive survey is conducted by reading the research articles, online website articles, and news related to the COVID-19 effect on the Indian economy. First, the Indian economy’s state was studied before the COVID-19 pandemic, next, studied the effect of the government measures taken for COVID -19 that is the effect of lockdown on the different sectors that affect the Indian economy. Lastly, some light is thrown on the business survival strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

       Main findings: The study shows the current and future probable GDP of the Indian economy. It also shows the sectors affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies that are used for business survival.

      Implications of this study: An understanding of COVID-19 outbreak effect on numerous sectors that affected Indian economy.

      Novelty/Originality of this study: This paper gives an inimitable insight of the influence of COVID -19 on various sectors that influenced Indian economy.

Author Keywords
COVID-19 Pandemic Chemical Industry Indian Economy Lockdown Manufacturing Industry Media and Entertainment Industry Poultry Industry Sugar Industry Travel and Tourism Industry
Index Keywords
COVID-19 Pandemic  Indian Economy Lockdown Manufacturing Industry

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