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Volume 6, Issue 11,November 2015, Pages 1-18, Page Count - 18


Shivakumar Deene (1)

(1) Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India.

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Cite this article:Shivakumar Deene,  An Empirical Examination Of Liquidity Risk Management With Special Reference To Vijaya Bank, International Journal of Management(IJM), 2015, 6(11), PP.1-18

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Liquidity is a matter of cash flow as they pass through the balance sheet and income statement on continues basis. Liquidity risk present when, for whatever reason, this flow is endangered, if there is a demand for cash, particularly if it comes from outside the organization, it must be satisfied. The objective of liquidity risk management is to understand how cash flows are moving within an organization, to identify the existence and location of cash flow strains by measuring liquidity pressures, and to take corrective actions to prevent these pressures from growing liquidity needs (Taylor, 2001). Liquidity needs usually determined by the construction of a maturity ladder that comprises accepted cash flow over a series of specified time periods. The difference between the inflows and outflows in each period (i.e., the excess or deficit of funds) is a starting point to measure a banks future liquidity access or shortfall at any given time. Once liquidity needs had been determined, a bank must decide how to fulfil them. Liquidity management is related to net funding requirement, and in principle a bank may increase the liquidity through asset management, liability management, but most frequently a combination of both.
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Risk Management Vijaya Bank and Liquidity
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Income statement Cash flows Corrective action Maturity ladder

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