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Volume 12, Issue 5,May 2021, Pages 117-125, Page Count - 9


Lelo Sintani (1) Stepanus S.Hut MP (2)

(1) Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Palangka Raya, Palangka Raya, Indonesia.
(2) Lecturer, Human Resource Development Agency, Central Kalimantan Provincial, Indonesia.

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Cite this article:Lelo Sintani,Stepanus S.Hut MP,  Effect Of Service Quality, Organizational Image And Member Satisfaction On Loyalty Of Credit Union Members In Central Kalimantan, International Journal of Management(IJM), 2021, 12(5), PP.117-125

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The goal of development in Indonesia is to achieve prosperity and prosperity for the community so that the government is required to create a conducive business climate. So that people can be free of economic problems such as poverty, unemployment, income inequality, low productivity to high-cost economy. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have an important and strategic role in national economic development and overcome economic problems. However, there are 60 - 70% of MSMEs who do not have access to banking financing. In order to facilitate capital access to MSMEs, Credit Cooperatives including Kopdit CU Betang Asi as Non-Bank Financial Institutions play an important role. Good Quality of Service, Organization Image, Satisfaction and customer loyalty are indicators that the organization plays a role in economic development.

      This paper aims to measure and analyze the influence of service quality, organizational image, member satisfaction to the loyalty of cu Betang Asi Credit Cooperative members in Central Kalimanatan.

      The research method uses quantitative method with the population of all CU Betang Asi members in Central Kalimanatan as many as 39,294 people with a sample number of 405 people with the technique of determination of the number of samples 15 times the number of indicators. The analysis tool uses descriptive analysis and analysis PLS.

       The results of the analysis prove that quality services are measured from the dimensions of physical evidence, reliability, response, assurance, and empathy, good organizational image, satisfied members and loyal evidenced from the value of mean 4 and above from all variable indicators. Based on the result PLS analysis it is proven that citra organization has a significant effect on member satisfaction and member loyalty. Quality Service has a significant effect on the satisfaction of members but has no significant effect on the loyalty of members. Likewise, member satisfaction has no effect on member loyalty

Author Keywords
Service Quality Organizational Image Satisfaction and Loyalty 

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