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Volume 3, Issue 2,July - December 2014, Pages 41-52, Page Count - 12


Karuilancheran.C (1) Baskaran.C (2)

(1) Assistant Librarian (SG), Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, India.
(2) Deputy Librarian, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.

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Cite this article:Karuilancheran.C,Baskaran.C,  Diabetes And Allied Diseases Research In India: A Growth Trend Analysis From 1995 – 2013, International Journal of Library and Information Science(IJLIS), 2014, 3(2), PP.41-52

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Bibliometrics is a type of research method used in library and information science which utilizes qualitative analysis and statistics to describe patterns of publications within a given field or body of literature. 'Bibliometrics for science policy and management' is a domain of research evaluation where the National, Regional and Institutional structure of science and their presentation are in forefront (Sri Amudha and Sevukan, 2014). Bibliometrics as a tool can be applied in any field of study. Diabetes is not exceptional. Diabetes affects millions of people and is a very serious lifelong health problem. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that nearly 200 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes and this number is likely to be doubled by 2030. In India, there are nearly 50 million diabetics, according to the statistics of the International Diabetes Federation.
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Information science Bibliometrics Institutional structure Health Organization
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Meticulous scientific publications allied diseases

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