Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches (GJESR)

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Volume 6, Issue 5,May 2019, Pages 505-508, Page Count - 4


P. Iswarya (1) A. Nagarajan (2)

(1) Research Scholar, Department of Computer Applications, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.
(2) Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.

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Cite this article:P. Iswarya,A. Nagarajan,  Matrix Scrambling Technique Based Image Encryption, Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches(GJESR), 2019, 6(5), PP.505-508

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Cryptography is the science of converting confidential information into unintelligible format. To provide security and authentication to the data, many algorithms and techniques were evolved, in which the cryptographic techniques remains best. For the encryption process, Images were considered as the best source to maintain security. The usage of image is good solution for providing better communication. Matrix operations are widely used in many cryptography algorithms to solve the complexity in means of speed and time. The proposed work of this research is a new image encryption method for matrix scrambling technique which is composite of multifaceted composition. The encryption for the images in this research work consists of the division of image into matrix and then, the elementary row and column operations are considered. The proposed method strength is analyzed by various parameters. The combination of basic matrix form and elementary row operations yields good results and better image encryption methods compared to existing works.
Author Keywords
Image Encryption Cryptography Matrix Scrambling Elementary row operations
This research work has been supported by RUSA PHASE 2.O, Alagappa University.

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