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Volume 6, Issue 5,May 2019, Pages 519-524, Page Count - 6


P. Subhasri (1)

(1) Teaching Assistant, Alagappa Institute of Skill Development (Software Development), Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.

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Encryption is a common technique to uphold image security. With the ever increasing growth of multimedia applications, security is an important issue in communication and storage of images encryption is one of the ways to ensure security. Image encryption techniques try to convert original image to another image that is hard to understand, to keep the image confidential between users, in other word, it is essential that nobody could get to know the content without a key for decryption. In this paper an advanced multilevel based encryption technique is used to encrypt the images. When intruders try to access the image content it will be more complex for double encryption. That is the strength of this proposed method.
Author Keywords
Image Encryption Cryptography Security Multilevel Encryption

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