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Volume 6, Issue 9,September 2019, Pages 17-23, Page Count - 7


E. Elakkiya (1) S. Ravichandran (2)

(1) Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Application, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.
(2) Head of the Department, Research Department of Computer Application, H.H The Rajah`s College, Pudukkottai , India.

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Cite this article:E. Elakkiya,S. Ravichandran,  Max-closed Spamby Using Direct Bit Position Method, Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches(GJESR), 2019, 6(9), PP.17-23

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This paper is Max-Closed SPAM by using Direct Bit Position (Maximal Closed sequential pattern mining). This algorithm is to acquire the maximal Closed Sequential Pattern from Sequence Database. The sequence pattern mining gives more numbers of patterns, closed sequential pattern obtains little number of patterns and maximal closed attain very few sequence patterns. According to the closed Sequential Patterns is long sequence database, the maximal closed pattern is influential by memory and performance. Experimental evaluation has done on UCI Repository Datasets, that shows the algorithm Max Closed DBP SPAM is efficient than the previous Closed DBP algorithms. The maximal closed frequent patterns are retrieved efficiently by given specified minimum support threshold value.
Author Keywords
Pattern Mining Binary Representation Maximal Closed Pattern Closed Sequential pattern

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