Journal of Critical Reviews (JCR)

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Volume 6, Issue 5,December 2019, Pages 133-137, Page Count - 5

A Study on Managing Fake Customer Review and Order Claim using Loop holes in e-Commerce Strict Consumer Friendly Policies

Syamsul Alam (1) Mustapa T (2) E. Laxmi Lydia (3) K. Shankar (4) Satria Abadi (5)

(1) STIE Nobel Indonesia Makassar, Indonesia.
(2) IAI DDI Polewali Mandar, Madatte, Polewali, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.
(3) Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vignan`s Institute Of Information Technology, Duvvada, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
(4) Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.
(5) Department of Information Systems, STMIK Pringsewu, Lampung, Indonesia.

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Cite this article:Syamsul Alam,Mustapa T,E. Laxmi Lydia,K. Shankar,Satria Abadi,  A Study On Managing Fake Customer Review And Order Claim Using Loop Holes In E-commerce Strict Consumer Friendly Policies, Journal of Critical Reviews(JCR), 2019, 6(5), PP.133-137

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E-Commerce has changed the lives of individuals around the globe and its development isn't giving any indications of backing off. In our routine life internet plays an important role. We use web day by day nearly for each and every work. The points of interest offered by e-commerce are online shopping of anything whenever and at wherever, clients can discover the items on web based business sites which is no accessible in physical markets, it decreases cost and time, without venturing out from home it can get our item at home. It have most likely been blamed for selling fake things by a client despite the fact that it can vouch that it got items straightforwardly from the producer or was preferred choice to get from their apparatus when it was made.
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Electronic commerce Products Markets Internet

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