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Volume 6, Issue 11,February 2021, Pages 12-17, Page Count - 6

Quality Initiatives in Teacher Education Programme -A Case Study

N.Evelyn Thayamani (1) M.Parimala Fathima (2)

(1) Meston College of Education, Chennai, India.
(2) Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.

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The demand for qualified and quality teachers had been continuously increasing all over the world It is an essential fact that the teacher education provided must make them useful to the society. In the architecture of teacher education, the quality forms the base. This paper attempts to explain about the quality initiatives in teacher education programme based on NAAC as a case study. The quality initiatives were planned on the basis of the vision and mission of the institution which were based on the operational indicators of NAAC, and the competencies of process based teacher education as given by NCFTE-2009 and curriculum of Tamilnadu teachers` education university. The major findings were, for the prediction of quality the contribution of teaching learning and evaluation was more compared with other dimensions. It was found that there was a relationship between teaching learning and evaluation and all other dimensions.
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Quality Initiatives Teacher Education

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