• Scope Database is the abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, trade journals and book series. Scope Database is the world’s most trusted global citation database used by many research Institutions all over the world.Scope Database provide a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.Scope Database is a website that provides free access to multiple databases that provide comprehensive citation data for many different academic disciplines.
  • Scope Database provide smart tools to track, analyse and visualise research outputs in various subject areas. Scope Database is the most powerful research engine, delivering your library with best-in-class publication and citation data for confident discovery, access and assessment. Scope Database is described as a unifying research tool which enables the user to acquire, analyse, and disseminate database information in a timely manner for effective decision making in all levels of business
  • Scope Database is Journal citation database launched in 2008. Scope Database covers nearly 3500 titles of peer-reviewed journals in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences and health sciences
  • Over 2,800 leading academic, corporate and government institutions and millions of researchers trust Scope Database to produce high-quality research outcome in all subject areas. Scope Database enable research institutions to make more-informed decisions that guide the future of their institution and research strategy that makes the profit for the organisation
Scope Database Statistics as on January 2021
S. No. Parameters Job Title
1 Number of Articles indexed 5,26,800
2 Number of Source Title included 3,540
3 Number of Authors indexed 10,89,560
4 Number of Citations for all indexed source title 12,76,830
5 Number of Publishers covered 1,560
6 Number of Countries covered 136
7 Source Title Coverage Period from 1980 to 2020
8 Numbers of Institutions are indexed 50,980
9 Number of Conference Proceedings are covered 1,209
10 Numbers of Book series are indexed 12,280
11 Number of References indexed in Scope Database 42,87,930
12 Number of Subject categories Covered 350
13 Number of Scope Database Users 3000
  • Scope Database Core Collection content is uniquely selective and our indexing policy is uniquely consistent. Our independent Content Selection Committee (CSC) ensures journal quality and content quality. Content Selection Committee (CSC ) works closely with journal and conference publisher for 13 years of consistent, accurate and complete indexing has created an unparalleled data structure.
  • Scope Database is Journal citation database launched in 2008. Scope Database covers nearly 3500 titles of peer-reviewed journals in top-level subject fields: Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Health Sciences. It covers Journals, Trade Journals, Book Series and Conference Proceedings published in online and print mode. All journals covered in the Scope Database are reviewed each year to ensure high quality standards are maintained. Scope Database review all journals every year maintained in the Database to ensure high quality standards.
  • Each and Every article and all cited references from every journal have been indexed in Scope DatabaseScope Database provide the most comprehensive and complete citation network for effective decisions making. Scope Database Core Collection indexes every piece of content cover-to-cover, creating a complete and certain view of over 25 years of the highest-quality research.
  • All the journals that we select for inclusion in the collection are indexed cover-to-cover. For each paper, we capture all authors, all author affiliations, abstract and key words, funding acknowledgements, including agency and grant numbers (if provided), and all cited references.