We're proud of our transparent selection process and independent review committee. The international experts on our Content Selection Committee (CSC) .continually review new titles using both quantitative and qualitative measures. Only serial titles may be suggested to the content selection and advisory board for inclusion on Scope Database. Serials include journals and conferences. Suggestions may be made by publishers or editors of a title. Individual researchers and librarians can also suggest titles for Scope Database, but these suggestions need the support from the publisher and/or editor. Before suggesting a serial title, Check the following parameters

  • • Check the current Scope Database title lists to be sure it's not already indexed:   Title Search
  • • Read the board's statement of Title evaluation process
  • • Use the Form to submit the Journal for Evaluation   Scope Database Title Suggestion From
  • • Read the Responsibilities of the Editors   Role of Editors

The individual who suggests a title and the publisher (if different) will be informed about the outcome of the review and reason(s) for the decision. You can also track the progress of the evaluation process by entering the unique Tracking ID provided at the time of submission into the Journal Title Evaluation Tracker

Email contact: evaluation@scopedatabase.com

Journal Selection Criteria

To be considered for review, all journal titles should meet all of these minimum criteria:

  • Consist of peer-reviewed content and have a publicly available description of the peer review process
  • Be published on a regular basis and have an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) as registered with the ISSN International Centre
  • ISSN International Centre

  • Have content that is relevant for and readable by an international audience, meaning: have references in Roman script and have English language abstracts and titles
  • Have a publicly available publication ethics and publication malpractice statement
  • CSC members have deep subject matter expertise, and are committed to actively seeking out and selecting literature that meets the needs and standards of the research community that they represent. Journals eligible for review by the CSC will be evaluated on the following criteria in Six categories:

    Category Criteria
    Journal Policy Statement Convincing editorial policy and Editorial Members
    Type of peer review process
    Diversity in geographical distribution of editors
    Diversity in geographical distribution of authors
    Content Quality Academic contribution to the Subject field
    Clarity of abstracts, keywords, Conclusions and References
    Quality and conformity to the stated aims, scope of the journal and Subject Coverage
    Readability of articles
    Journal Standing Citedness of journal articles in Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus and other indexing search engines
    Editor or Editor in Chief standing
    Publishing Regularity No delays or interruptions in the publication schedule in online and print mode
    Mail intimation to the authors regarding online and print mode availability
    Online Availability Full journal content available online
    Online Paper Submission availability
    Downloadable Paper Template and guidelines
    English language journal home page available
    Quality of journal home page
    Quality Parameters Article originality
    Article Quality in terms of typesetting parameters
    Article Acceptance Rate
    Review Time
    Plagiarism Rate
    Quality of Reviewer comments
    Grammar and Spelling Checking
    References Checking